STAT digital cytology image interpretation

For a $25 fee, we will provide immediate (within 2 hours) cytology interpretations by reviewing digital images obtained by cell phone and sent to us by email.

  • Just email your images with patient name and pertinent history and description of the lesion sampled to
  • We will respond to your email with an interpretation as soon as possible, typically within an hour. A formal report will be issued the same day or next business day.
  • For a printable, one page instructional pdf about this service, click here.
  • We strongly recommend following up digital images by sending us glass slides from every case for the most definitive interpretation.
  • If you are interested in trying this service, contact us and we will send you an adapter (shown below) to facilitate taking quality images with your cell phone. You may send us some test images at no charge, and you may keep the adapter at no charge if you decide to use the service.

Adapter attached to microscope eyepiece

Lymphoma, dog
(taken with iPhone 5)

Metastatic carcinoma, dog
(taken with iPhone 3)


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